Life Vessel’s Evolution

Live Vessel has now been replaced by Harmonic EggEverything has a time a place and an Evolution

12 years ago I was introduced to Sound and Light healing through the technology called Life Vessel. Life Vessel WAS the best of its kind in the Sound and Light Therapy Field up to about 6 or 7 years ago when the Life Vessel Design was tweaked a bit and evolved into the Energy Genesis. Compared to Life Vessel the Energy Genesis was larger (could fit up to 3 people) and the bed was more comfortable and the sound chamber Resonated better than Life Vessel.

An Evolution in the works. In 2017, the Evolution of Life Vessel continued as the Harmonic Egg was born. The Harmonic Egg has the best delivery of Sound and Light Therapy in the World as far as I know. The Harmonic Egg inventor, Gail Lynn, attended the Music as Medicine Conference in Barcelona in June, 2018. She was expecting to see some other amazing Evolution of Life Vessel / sound healing chambers in Europe and other parts of the World, but it turned out the Harmonic Egg was the most Amazing Evolution of Life Vessel type technology and therapy in use in the world right now.

The Life Vessel was first brought to Denver, CO in 2010 by the inventor of the Harmonic Egg. Her own healing path since 2007 with Life Vessel took her from Film Producer and Engineer to Inventor of an even more effective device, appropriately named the Harmonic Egg. Unlike Life Vessel the use of Sacred Geometry, the Golden Main Ratio, and proper study of the movement of sound in the Harmonic Egg drives the frequencies of the music into the body better and creates a therapy 50% plus more effective than Life Vessel.

We are forever thankful to Life Vessel for all of the years of sound therapy but are even more grateful that it has evolved through the years. Life Vessel will always hold a special place in the hearts of the people that were privy to experience it all those years ago. I know that if I want the best in sound and light healing and therapy The Harmonic Egg is my choice over Life Vessel…hands down. It’s all about Evolution!

~Lori Trask

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