Relaxation is the Key to Healing

life vessel can help you to relaxRemoving Stress Leads to Healing

I was first introduced to Life Vessel back in 2001.  I thought Life Vessel was super whoo whoo and could never work.  How could Life Vessel possibly do anything to help the body heal?  Life Vessel used sound and light, that’s it.  I evolved the Life Vessel into a more effective sound and light chamber called Harmonic Egg.  It’s amazing how much more relaxing it is when you are in a zero-gravity chair inside versus lying flat in Life Vessel.

Relaxation is key to helping the body to heal.  Life Vessel was my first experience with sound and light healing.  Life Vessel (Harmonic Egg) relaxes the body for amazing healing.  Think about when you are stressed and you feel bad and when you are relaxed you feel good.  Right?  Life Vessel (Harmonic Egg) puts the body into a relaxed state and allows trauma to release at a cellular level.  Life Vessel (Harmonic Egg) is gentle and powerful.  There is nothing else like it out there.  Vibration beds and tables tend to use bass speakers or woofers and the sound quality isn’t as good as Life Vessel (Harmonic Egg).  There is a lot of vibration, but not a lot of healing “music”.

Life Vessel uses a four inch foam pad so the music is distorted from the bed in there, but the Harmonic Egg does not have a foam pad and the music quality is more pure.  Life Vessel, when I had units here, used compressed MP3 files and those are cold and clinical compared to CD quality used in Harmonic Egg.  Life Vessel, when I had units here, didn’t have quality speakers like Harmonic Egg uses so that makes a huge difference too.

I was so grateful for Life Vessel until the Harmonic Egg came along.  There isn’t a single client that tells me they miss Life Vessel.

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