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Are you a new or prospective client or just curious about the Life Center?  We understand that you may have a lot of questions about what the technology is and how it can help you.  The information below should help you learn more and how it can play an important part in your overall health and well-being.

What we do / MISSION:

To non-invasively allow people to heal their body naturally so they can maintain and enjoy the quality of life they desire.

Energy Genesis (the technology we use) utilizes a combination of vibration, sound and light in a non-invasive session / series of sessions.  The light exposure allows for an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels in the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, sound and light facilitates the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.  By allowing the body to reach this state, many benefits of relaxation to the body can be obtained and include: INFLAMMATION reduction / removal, stress reduction, higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger cognitive abilities and an enhanced immune system.

Studies show that up to 85% of bodily dysfunction can be associated with INFLAMMATION, emotional trauma and / or stress and, if not effectively dealt with can seriously compromise an individual’s health and well-being.  Energy Genesis can remove the inflammation blocks that are normally the cause of the symptom of the dis-ease / disorder that prevents the body from healing itself naturally.

We work on the WHOLE body, not just the symptoms!

Energy Genesis consists of a sphere / chamber with Vibration, Color, Sound and Light.  This combination allows the body to be able to perform its natural ability to heal itself regardless of the nature of the affliction.  The balanced environment frequently leads to feelings of de-stressing, wellness, inspiration, focus and creativity.  Sometimes individuals also report enhanced perceptions. It is often observed that toxins, such as heavy metals, mold and candida (yeast) begin to be eliminated from the individual’s body exposed to Energy Genesis.

What is the technology and What Doctors are Saying?

Unlike anything else you have ever experienced.  The technology immerses the whole body in a resonant frequency with sound and light…allowing the body to come back into balance in this unbalanced world.  A body in balance has the ability to heal itself.  We have all been told that the body can heal itself and we know it does.  We expect the body to heal a broken bone and to heal a cut, right?  Why would it not be able to heal itself of other conditions, illness or disease?  The chamber / technology is a facilitator of your body’s own innate ability to heal itself.  The technology does not heal, the body heals!  Anything disease we name is an imbalance in the body.

When the body is in the resonant frequency in the chamber, the body gives off a frequency of a condition, illness and / or disease. The resonant frequency concept is that the body will be hit with an exact / opposite frequency in order to neutralize the condition, illness, disease from the cell memory.   Brilliant!

Misdiagnosis’ can prevent healing.  We have seen clients come in who are being treated for a pinched nerve and it’s human parvo virus, multiple sclerosis and it’s Lyme or parasites, ringing of the ears and it’s kidney issues, hair loss and it’s heavy metal poisoning, hypertension and it’s heavy metals, Parkinson’s and it’s a pinched nerve or heavy metals, depression and it’s heavy metals, wounds that won’t heal and it’s a matter of needing to detox the body from anesthesia to help heal the wound, pain and it’s suppressed emotion and the list goes on and on.

We partner with doctors to give them this technology as a tool for their toolbox to help them advance the healing of their patients.   Sometimes it’s a matter of taking the healing to the next level to release emotional trauma to allow the body to continue healing, sometimes it’s a matter of detoxing the body and de-stressing the body so that it can take that next step in healing, sometimes it’s a matter of reducing inflammation from a physical trauma and then the doctor can get to the root of the injury and help their patient heal effectively and with less pain.

Here is what doctors are saying:

As a medical doctor, I highly recommend this form of natural healing for anyone who wants to have more energy and zest for life. Also, anyone with any chronic condition can experience positive benefits from this safe and effective form of energy healing. Energy healing is the medicine of our time.”  ~Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD

“Patients of mine have been using the services since 2005. In 2010, the Life Vessel of the Rockies opened up in the Denver area which meant that patients would not have to go out of state to take advantage of this cutting edge program of health restoration.  The technology is based upon energetic frequencies of light, sound and vibration that result in a major resetting of the autonomic nervous system.  Any person who has the desire for better health or who has been told there is nothing more that can be done must strongly consider taking advantage of the program.  This is the future of medicine right here, right now.”  ~Raphael d’Angelo, MD

“…extraordinary in being able to help with detoxification and with, as I see, making our cells more intelligent or increasing our body’s inner healing intelligence…It has a profound effect on the body and that’s why we see effects in every aspect of the physiology.”   ~Christine Horner, MD

I cannot believe it but I awoke this morning completely free of back pain for the first time in three months after my first treatment yesterday.  I have had episodic low back pain for eight years due to a bulging disc and most recently have had pain that has lasted continuously for 12 weeks, the longest bout ever. I have tried Western medicine (anti-inflammatories, muscles relaxants), Eastern medicine (acupuncture, cupping, moxa), alternative hands on-therapies (chiropractic, Feldenkais, craniosacral, Reiki), yet none has brought more than temporary relief. Mornings are the worst and each day I awaken very stiff and sore, which gradually lessens but never completely resolves. This morning there is no pain whatsoever. I have forgotten what it is like to be free of pain. I can’t wait to get back and complete my treatment series. Many, many thanks!”  ~Terry Grossman, M.D.

“After my treatments I noticed immediately that I had a lot more energy and stamina.  I am an avid runner, cyclist, hiker, skier, etc. I pretty much love to do anything physical that can be done outdoors.  Prior to the treatments I had always struggled with getting out of bed in the morning due to lingering fatigue. Thanks to this technology I have become a morning person, which has been a life long dream of mine.  I can’t say enough about how this has changed my life for the better.  The technology would be an ideal tool for any athlete wanting to increase performance and stamina, as well as help with recovery.  After reading many ANSAR reports before and after treatments, it is evident that the sessions improve the function of the autonomic nervous system, which helps the body heal and recover from stress much quicker and more easily.  ~Denise Clark, Naturopathic Doctor
President, Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors

 “The technology leads as one of the newest technologies in the emerging fields of natural healthcare paradigms in the 21st century. The technology supports the innate self-regulatory and self-healing capacity of the human body. All beings possess the inherent ability to produce wellness and the technology appears to activate or stimulate this ability.  Energy influences every aspect of the body. Energy influences or controls the operation of ligaments, arteries and veins, cells, biochemical reactions, etc. Energy influences or controls the endocrine system that in turn strongly affects a person’s moods, personality and emotional stability. Keeping these energy fields balanced and removing blockages that deter and / or resist the flow of these subtle energies plays a major role in maintaining the body’s health and one’s sense of well-being. Balance, harmony, detox and resetting one’s body frequencies to a natural state are the key concepts of the Life Vessel. Many people are frustrated with the failure of “traditional medicine” to acknowledge and treat chronic disease. The concept of trusting one’s body to heal itself may be met with skepticism. The standard medical community usually tries to eliminate symptoms such as aches and pains without ever addressing the real problem, which is the source. The technology appears to eliminate the source of chronic disease, disorder and dysfunction from environmental, emotional and / or physical trauma by creating an environment which raises the consciousness of the individual in such a way as to result in balancing every aspect of the body.”  ~Dr. Rustom Roy, Pennsylvania State University

In a nutshell, this is a different type of massage.  Many of our clients have used massage, acupuncture, hyperbaric chamber and others to promote natural healing.  Some clients have found Life Vessel to compliment these therapies and others found this technology to be the first and only choice for their healing.

What could be experienced during Energy Healing:

You may experience a range of range of things before, during and after energy healing.  As the flow of energy opens up pathways within the body which may have been slow or blocked, releases and side effects can sometimes be felt.  These releases can be PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and SPIRITUAL.  Healing is all about releasing the stuck, the old, the past and becoming more balanced and lighter.

What you will experience is a paradigm shift in healing.  No pills, no drugs, no needles, no surgeries…everything is energy and we work on an energy level to help the body heal itself naturally. Energy healing is the most natural form of healing.  It’s all about balance.  As energy begins to flow it can reverse any conditions of unbalance in a perfect rhythm.  It never goes against your will, or is forced.  The flow of energy works as you are in agreement to receive it, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level.

Deeper feelings of PEACE
Deeper feelings of JOY
Elevated Levels of ENERGY
Acceleration in spiritual evolution
Strengthening of VITAL ORGANS

Want to Know More?

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The Protocol and Pricing

Complete information on our protocol can be found here!

Review the information about the NEW technology, Energy Genesis!


We have several great testimonials form our clients sharing how The technology has helped them and improved their health.  You can review the Testimonial Page to see what others are saying.

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We are located in the Westminster Colorado area, just off of 120th and Huron. You can find Driving Directions on our Contact page.


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