Life Vessel: An Introduction Story

Introduction to Life Vessel StoryFrom the Life Vessel to the Harmonic Egg

I was first introduced to a sound and light healing technology called Life Vessel back in 2010 here in Denver, Colorado. I was able to complete a full series of 4 sessions in Life Vessel. I was really impressed at the gentleness of the healing during the first session but the second two sessions in Life Vessel really brought up a ton of childhood trauma that I had to deal with and release.

The last 2 sessions in Life Vessel were about calming things Down. While I really got a lot out of Life Vessel, I have recently tried (7 years later mind you) the Harmonic Egg at the Life Center in Westminster. In my opinion compared to Life Vessel the Harmonic is more impactful but also more gentle and Much More comfortable. The Life Vessel worked but it seemed a bit more harsh than the Harmonic Egg.

Huge Difference: Life Vessel is NOW Old Technology

The Harmonic Egg allowed me to heal my emotions without slapping me in the face with them!!! The Life Vessel was a great stepping stone into the Sound and light Healing World. The Harmonic Egg is the next Evolution and we all want things to heal gently and easy and Harmonic Egg vs Life Vessel does that. I have experienced a wide range of healing and rebalancing.

I also am a bit claustrophobic and Life Vessel felt and resembles a large coffin, but the Harmonic Egg is much larger and configured in a way that feels like a small room. I had no feelings of panic or claustrophobia in the Harmonic Egg where as Life Vessel was a bit nerve racking to be inside. All in all I am so Grateful for the experience and introduction to Sound and Light Technology that Life Vessel brought to the world so long ago. I much prefer the newer more advanced Sound Healing Technology that the Harmonic Egg at the Life Center has brought me. I hope I have explained the difference of Life Vessel and Harmonic Egg in a way that helps anyone trying to make the decision of what technology to utilize.

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