About Life Vessel of the Rockies

Life Vessel and Harmonic Egg are on completely different levelsUpdate: Life Vessel of the Rockies

Dear Reader,

I purchased this domain Life Vessel of the Rockies recently. My intention is to educate those that come to the site with information about alternative healing practices other THAN the Life Vessel. If you have done some modalities and would like to share, please do so below on our contact form, we are interested in finding the cream of the crop and letting others know about it.

Life Vessel of the Rockies was in use since 2010…

but after the owner was repeatedly harassed by a competitor / bully it was sold to me to do with what I choose. The previous owner got tired of being harassed, basically for 10 years, by this competitor (only other person really showing up for Life Vessel) so she sold the URL to get rid of the parasite and keep doing the good work she is doing without the wasted time on the bully.

The owner of Life Vessel has shown his true colors…

If you are here because you were introduced to the Life Vessel then contact me below and we’ll discuss further why Life Vessel is an old technology in the sound and light field and that the person currently selling it is not entirely someone you would probably want to work with anyway from our experience.

If you want to get in touch with me so I can help you to better technology contact me on Facebook.
We are getting tons of spam from the website recently. Please find my information there.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Affiliate/Trademark and Overall Disclosure: I am and have been an online marketer for over 10 years.   This site is more so to help spread the influence of better modalities of energy healing and to avoid squabbling debates over our 1st amendment rights to use a competitors brand name to compare against other modalities on our website. This site is not claiming to own Life Vessel as a trademark simply enacting a fair usage of what is called “Knocking Copy” which is under fair use from the FTC and my right to own this website URL name.

At this point in time nothing on Life Vessel of the Rockies is a direct product we are selling however if you contact us through the message form above we will point you to other types of superior energy healing devices and we possibly could end up with a commission paid to introduce you to them.