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Why Purchase the Life Vessel?

The Life Vessel has 1990’s technology, the decade the Life Vessel was invented. Technology has come a long way since the 90s when the Life Vessel was invented. The Life Vessel light source is a 40w Sylvania, rainbow colored light bulb. Nothing more. The Life Vessel is obsolete and old technology for the standard of today. The training is old as well that the Life Vessel center owners are getting old. The Life Vessel coffin like box has all angles, which are masculine properties. The Life Vessel does not have any curves to help the music flow. The Life Vessel music is also old and outdated for the 20th Century illnesses and diseases.

Buying Life Vessel is like buying the iPhone 2G. There is much more the industry has learned and many other modalities to choose from other than Life Vessel these days. Back in the 90s Life Vessel was amazing and it still works today, but so does the old iPhone, it’s just not preferred.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Life Vessel because it was the technology that introduced me to energy medicine. Life Vessel was futuristic and mysterious when it first came out. Life Vessel even has a FDA Clearance; however, the classification is an Infrared Lamp and it never did have an infrared lamp in it. Kinda makes me wonder how the FDA cleared it when the classification for Life Vessel is Infrared Lamp? That’s the million dollar question. How did Life Vessel get cleared with that classification. One may never know.

I am very excited to see all the Life Vessel like modalities in operation today. Life Vessel was not first to market. I believe Wilhelm Reich back in the 30s was the first to have a healing chamber, like Life Vessel, called the Orgone Energy Accumulator. He made similar claims that Life Vessel and other healing chambers may and seem to help many “customers”.

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